‘BCHIC’ is a custom designer clothing company run by the experienced Seema Mehta, and very relatable Raji Khaira.
Together they have made a dynamic duo, taking over the Indian clothing industry by storm. Both women work tirelessly to create affordable Indian wear for generations to come. Seema Mehta is a trained designer who is constantly bringing her years of experience to the ever-so growing company.
Seema has a vast knowledge of fabrics and embroidery’s, which she uses in each and every piece created under the BCHIC label.
Her partner in crime, Raji Khaira, has become a social media personality taking the BCHIC brand to new heights in our tech savvy generation.
Raji brings her bubbly personality, western flare, and fun twists to each design attracting all sorts of fashionistas across the globe.
BCHIC has grown into a brand that has far surpassed a dream that both Seema and Raji had growing up. To both, this started as a project very close to their hearts. Two passionate women who have made it their goal to make women and even children across the world feel beautiful in their custom BCHiC pieces.
From the moment you sit down with Raji and Seema, you will be taken on a design experience of a lifetime. They meticulously work around the clock creating designs from scratch, drawing patterns, picking fabrics and swatches to create your dream garment for any event.
A force together that includes experience, passion, creativity, personality, and humbleness is a force to watch as BCHIC takes the industry by storm and continues to grow globally in 2018!