Raw silk Kameez, and a lycra pajama, lycra is a beautiful fabric, extremely easy on the skin and we love the comfy feel. These are one of the many lovely outfits that can be worn to a fancy event or even a casual one. The simplicity of the colors, and the richness of the fabric is what makes this outfit stand out from the rest. We experimented with, browns, whites, and black velvets to create the perfect outfit. The warm lighting and tone of the shoot added to the relaxed ambience, perfect for this easy to wear collection.

For accessories, we went with single statement pieces, we wanted to balance the look with the accessories, and these were perfect. The accessories didn’t get overwhelmed by the extravagance of the garments, but completed the look.

What adds a shine to these outfits is that they are designed with sequins and artistic embroideries. With these outfits we hope that you are able to wear with comfort and convenience wherever you go.

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