Vintage, and soft and classy are three words we would use to describe this pastel collection. We kept it simple with pastel colors which have always been loved and admired for its simplicity. These colors will never go out of fashion and can always be adorned as party wear. They team up amazingly with any accessories and can always be mixed and matched. Antique embroidery for this collection is quite eye-catching and never fails to make an impression. Intricate embroidery on soft colored fabrics brings the garment to a whole other level.

There’s no overstating the importance of a flattering neckline when you’re hunting down the perfect lengha. It’s easy to let your focus gear toward other areas, but the right neck shape can frame your face, and set the tone for your entire look. We had lots of fun with necklines, deep V’s cold shoulders and off the shoulder blouses; all these are very popular this season. You can try different styles for blouses with a simple skirt which will add to the oomph factor.

In this collection, fairytale lengha’s create timeless memories and the garments deliver the promise of comfort and modern design.